Porch reform project

The objective of this project is the reform of the porch and the addition of a storage room in a existing single-family house, the storage room will be for the storage of outdoor furniture and garden tools and the reform of the porch for the improvement of energy efficiency and comfort, taking into account appropriate technical and aesthetic criteria for an optimal result, in accordance with current legislation applicable in this regard.






The solution adopted for the porch reform involves the addition of a new galvanized steel structure formed by L-profiles and a special perimeter profile, supported on the cantilever and anchored thereto. Each of the trusses of this structure will be made previously in the workshop, then galvanized and finally installed on site with an anchor system.






The construction of the annex will be carried out on an existing slab using a light galvanized steel structure that will support part of the new roof. The closures will be formed with an inner sheet of plasterboard and insulation plates and an outer sheet of HPL TRESPA plates.


Being an isolated detached house with independent access through a garden, the exterior accessibility that communicates the building with the public thoroughfare is resolved through an accessible, pre-existing itinerary. The levels or element that affects the accessibility and the correct functionality of the house itself are not modified, since the annex is made at the level of the horizontal plane of the house.