Our services

The global way we use for working with our projects is the essential clue we need in order to achieve a warm and unique space, absolutely personalized to the last detail.

We either conduct projects as a whole or we work together with other agents involved in the project who have been directly hired by the customer. This means if the customer has determined some step in the project with another professional, we cooperate with them and we lead the process in order to obtain the expected result.

-First examination

-Basic project

-Executive project

-Process of endorsment

-Planning permission

-Process of aids

valoracions dictamens

-Initial foresight of economic investment in the presentation of the first examination, in order to evaluate the viability of the project.

-In the basic project phase, upon a measuring state, coordination and monitoring of the budget of the different industrials.

-In the work phase, checking and monitoring the different processes of all the industrials who take park in the work, in order to guarantee the budget initially agreed.

Coordination and monitoring of the execution process of the project, together with all the industrials who take part in it, through a single interlocutor. In this way, obtaining the expected result is guaranteed, within the deadline and the budget initially agreed.

We are in charge of the order, supply and assemble of all the necessary equipment for your project, everything commanded from our shop. We work with the leading companies in the design world, we adapt ourselves to the different budgets and we always follow the project’s initial idea in order to create a distinguishing result.

Service of final styling for the home or commercial premises, indispensable in order to create a warm space, differenciated and totally personalized to the finest detail.