M. Àngels ESPAR
With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Barcelona School of Architecture, and Technical Architecture from Barcelona Building School, and freelance architect since 1987, M. Àngels Espar has accumulated a long experience in architecture, urban planning, assessment and valuation of buildings, interior design and design of products. She has driven an organized diversification, focused on the total service; and this is the reason why she created Versàtil Solsona (2000), in order to reinforce the concept of unity between architecture and interior design. In 2013, this space becomes ESPAR:SALA shop, being a part of ESPAR:SALA group.
Agnés SALA
Agnès Sala represents the second generation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Barcelona School of Architecture, an academic course at the University of TUDelft (The Netherlands), and a Master’s degree in Design from Barcelona School of Architecture and School of Engineering of Barcelona. She has collaborated with M. Àngels Espar over the last nine years; and from 2009 to 2010 she worked at the studio Solé-Roman, architects from Barcelona, working in terms related to architecture, urban planning and management. As a freelance worker, she has taken part in different tasks in Ministry of Citizenship and Social Welfare and Ministry of Family Policies and Citizenship Rights, from Catalan Government with the writing of the new Accessibility Code in Catalonia, among the tasks. Agnès Sala provides Espar Sala with the definitive versatility; she leads the process towards the global design: both interior and of the product; and even the design of corporate identity, the indispensable complement needed for establishments and businesses’ reinvention.