Single-family home Interior design

Interior design of a single-family home, with an extensive program of uses and surface.

Our challenge: to capture the essence and lifestyle of its inhabitants, and work the different spaces to personalize them down to the smallest detail.


At the request of the client, it is requested that the red color be worked as the protagonist.

In the basement there is a multipurpose room and a cinema room, with an area of ​​sofas, kitchen and cellar.


The design of the passage areas, communication spaces and housing service are also taken care of.


On the ground floor of the house is the main program of life and relationship: reception area, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.


Functional spaces, easy to circulate, and comfortable.


The bedrooms are spaces of rest, tranquility, more private spaces, where the control of the light, the colors and the textures are put on maximum manifest.


We emphasize the treatment of the ceilings in children’s bedrooms: ambient lighting with LED points that draw constellations. Children immerse themselves in a world of illusions, their bedroom is special and unique.


In the space under cover is the suite: a study, the master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

For the master bedroom, each one of the elements is designed, thinking of a harmony of shapes, colors and light to create a pleasant, restful space that envelops the person who inhabits it.


In the outer space, a pergola is designed to create a comfortable living room and dining room, and thus expand the housing program in contact with nature.