Lleida environment and climate Museum

2009. Competition. Catchword: “Leaf” The architectural idea of ​​building and implementation for the environmental and climate museum, on the Hill Gardeny in Lleida, aims to respond to the goal of becoming a unique object that duly illustrates the mysterious phenomenon of life, climate and nature. The element rests and floats on the ground spontaneously, naturally, without impacts. Like a leaf that receives the natural basic contributions of nature, it develops calmly, generating, together with the container elements that configure them, volumes that adapt to the natural topography of the land, leaving it evident at all times, imposing special qualities that they provoke a continuous integration between inside and outside.


The roof is completely landscaped and gathers some natural ventilation points with elements configured as folds of the “leaf”. Three more prominent elements resolve the natural ventilation of permanent and temporary exhibition spaces. The concept of “leaf” extends to its properties of natural oxygenation, direct dependence on nature and also permeability to new scientific technologies, as well as academic and social activities and research related to the environment and nature.