Beauty center "Beauty Coaching by Silvia Giralt"

Igualada, 2012. Beauty Coaching by Silvia Giralt. The Silvia Giralt new space is created in the middle of the Igualada Rambla.



It’s a very professional and innovative project. Services and aesthetic treatments of proven efficacy and high qualification. The concept of nature is developed throughout the project as a living environment and means of transmission of stimuli to understand and possess beauty. The exposed product appears as a result of nature.



A natural scene where light is the source of life, source of beauty. Vertical garden, trees, cracks and light sources, leaves … natural elements that make up the entire space of the new project that complements the advanced Silvia Giralt aesthetics, that have been around for more than 20 years.



All the corporate furniture has also been projected: counters, display units, makeup vanities, light shelves, coatings … (see product design section).